Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Moon Poem

Silver Lady
Riding the Sky
Clothed in stark darkness
Or adorned in clouds
That both obscure and illuminate your light
You turn your face, eye to observe all
One Moon’s light blurs,
Becomes three
An eternal triple
A force of tides turning
Churning light
That effects even the most stubborn bodies of Water
White Lady
We rise to meet you
We hold our hand out to reach
To cup you in our hands
To draw you down
We drink in your cool, distant, watchful, powerful,
Illuminating presence, essence
You nourish us, filling us, feeding our starving soul
Bathing us in your light, healing our wounds
And words that cut more than any danger
We surrender to your light, your chaos, your madness, you unpredictability
Your lessons and power over our lives
As we rise and fall, as we grow and diminish
Under your ever present light
Moon ride the sky, Moon ride our bodies
Moon ride our minds, Moon ride our souls
Take us in your arms, embrace us
As we embrace you
Blessed be!

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